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Xynnar Overview


On the island of Xynnar most powerful magic has been lost, the only spells remaining are cantrips and enchantment of items performed by etching runes into them. While the Republic of Aquaria uses its knowledge of enchantments to create convenience items for everyday use such as self igniting fire places, the Veritas Empire uses its knowledge of enchantments to produce stronger weapons and war machines. (Note: Players may only play as the Fighter, Monk, and Rogue classes. Rogues may not take the Arcane Trickster Archetype)(Note: Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma will all be used for various types of spellcasting for all players. Creating characters with stats less than 10 are not recommended.)



All players will be creating characters who all just finished their 2 year military training at Dewbury training camp and are entering active service for the army of the Aquarian republic. All players were part of an experimental training program devised by the head of R&D Commander Matsuri designed to train a small team of highly skilled soldiers capable of accomplishing more than a full battalion of troops could.




Veritas Empire


Veritas: Former Capital of the Veritas Empire, long ago abandoned due to its complete lack of natural resources and it's infertile lands. Only ruins of this city still stand as a reminder of the harsh conditions that led the Veritian people to begin to conquer their neighbors in pursuit of a better lifestyle.


Shadowfen: Current capital of the Veritas Empire, Not much strategic value other than it's proximity to Redwater and Yarrin.


Redwater: The only native port city of the Veritas Empire, all trans oceanic trade with the Veritas Empire passed through this port city prior to the conquering of Colenia 10 years ago.


Yarrin: One of two of the Veritas Empires Primary agricultural cities. Yarrin and snow melt are located in two of the Empire's only plainlands large enough to accommodate agriculture in any meaningful amount.


Helmfirth: Heavily fortified city, Home of the Imperial Officer Academy, All roads leading to the imperial heartland pass through this military installation.


Fire Bend: Largely abandoned city along an old trade route that is possibly the most treacherous road on Xynnar, haven for those seeking to avoid the Veritian government.


Snowmelt: Located in a large valley the water from the melting snowpack provides ample water and washes nutrients into the valley making this the Empire's most productive agricultural city.


Iron Forge: Located deep inside a mountainous region of the Veritas Empire it is the Empire's primary weapons producer, and as would be expected is highly fortified.


Contested Cities


Colenia: Formerly an independent trade city, it was captured by the Veritas Empire 10 years ago. While both Colenia and Dry Gulch were conquered at the same time the commanding officer of the Colenia Invasion Force, Korvax, had a more professional approach to capturing the city and avoided the same massacre style invasion as was used in the invasion of Dry Gulch.


Dry Gulch: Formerly part of the Republic of Aquaria and a major trade city between the Republic and Empire, it was conquered by the Veritas Empire 10 years ago. The Dry Gulch Invasion Force was led by commander Keebow who if reports are to be believed told his troops before entering the city that "Tonight we will make this Dry Gulch wet with the blood of our enemies". Despite the surrender of the people of Dry Gulch, Keebow ordered his men to massacre all of the city's inhabitants. of the 3500 inhabitants of that city only 700 are believed to have escaped to the Republic.  


Republic of Aquaria


Silver Keep: Silver Mining town inside the republic of Aquaria.


Manfield: Agricultural city inside the Republic. Known for it's highly muscular and attractive men.


Aria: Primary military base of the Republic it is also the location of the Republic Military Command.


South Warren: until the simultaneous invasions of Dry Gulch and Colenia, South Warren was nothing more than a secluded refuge for the monks of Karametra (one of the 2 deities worshiped on Xynnar, she is the goddess of parties, harvests, and fertility). After these events Matsuri (a young and ambitious Lieutenant at the time) received the permission of the Republic as well as funding from the nobles of Lancaster to set up an R&D lab here. However after 10 years of funding with little to show for it other than a few spells, at least in the minds of the nobles, the funding of the R&D department has fallen under scrutiny and is under threat of being taken away.


White Bridge: Agricultural City inside the republic. Host of the annual harvest party where after harvest all the inhabitants and visitors get drunk and have a massive orgy. It is said that both Karametra and Malsumis (the other deity worshipped on Xynnar, he is the God of chaos and thorns, responsible for all things in nature that are inconvenient and mean) will take the form of a humans on this night and join in on the orgy.


Dewbury: Agricultural City inside the republic. After the actions of the Empire 10 years ago the Republic began to use Dewbury to train additional Troops in case of further aggressions by the Empire.


Aquarin: Capital of the Republic and its main trading port. Established 500 years ago to serve a neutral capital of the republic.


Boatwright: A central hub to the surrounding small fishing villages. Of little strategic value but well known for it's strong, tan, athletic women.


Lancaster: While the Republic of Aquaria is a republic there are some remnants of the former Nobility system in place. While they hold no hard power their leftover wealth makes them powerful and necessary allies of anyone who aspires for more power inside the republic. During the formation of the Republic the nobles of the member cities all moved their holdings to Lancaster so as to no longer have the need to engage with the "Riffraff". The only people who live in Lancaster now are the noble families and their servants.


Alternate Background



Skill Proficiencies: Choose one; Sleight of hand, Stealth, Survival, or Persuasion






Smooth Talker :Colenians while not used to combat, show great skill as negotiators a skill highly useful during the time period before Colenia was conquered by the Veritas Empire. Colenians prefer to win friends and allies as opposed to fighting and killing their enemies (your character gets -1 Strength, -1 Constitution, and +2 Charisma).


Dry Gulch:


Imp Hater: Spiteful of the Veritians since the Veritas Empire Conquered Dry Gulch, survivors of the Dry Gulch Massacre use the painful memories of that day to augment their performance in combat however they find it almost impossible to fight alongside a Veritian (your character gets +3 to hit against Veritians however you suffer a -2 to hit if you have a friendly Veritian within 30 feet of you, or -3 to hit if you have a friendly Veritian within 10 feet of you).




Hard Living: Veritians live under much harsher conditions than the citizens of the Republic of Aquaria, as such their physical prowess are greatly heightened at the cost of their social skills (your character gets +1 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma and -2 Persuasion)

Class Permission: Characters with this background may take the Barbarian Class.


Sub Classes

Note: All Spells gained from Secondary Classes are Modified by a player's Intelligence Stat.

Medic (Monk, Fighter)

1 proficiency choice (Medicine, Survival, Nature)

Spells                                         casts per day

Cure wounds                                       2

Lesser restoration                               2

Healing word                                       1

Purify Food and Drink                        1

Revivify                                              1




Shocktrooper (Monk, Fighter, Barbarian(Requires Veritas Refugee))

1 proficiency choice (Acrobatics, Athletics, Intimidate)

Spells                                         casts per day

Magic Missile                                    2


Vicious Mockery

Blade Ward

True Strike


Combat Expert (once per turn you may infuse a weapon attack with a cantrip, or cast a cantrip as a free action while you have one free hand)


Scout (Fighter, Rogue, Barbarian(Requires Veritas Refugee))

1 proficiency Choice (Acrobatics, Athletics, Intimidate)

Spells                                         casts per day

Detect Magic                                Unlimited

Detect Poison & Disease              Unlimited

Find Traps                                     Unlimited

Invisibility                                            1


Intelligence (Fighter, Rogue)

1 proficiency Choice (Persuasion, Deception, Investigation)

Spells                                         casts per day

Feign death                                        1

Alarm                                                 1

Animal messenger                             1

Comprehend Languages                    2

Disguise Self                                      1





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